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The Online School

Teaching Today to Change Tomorrow

We are a business that is aligned to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4

We believe in sustainability and have remained as a business to help drive us to become self-sufficient. The Online School is the future of education. Read below to find out more!

What Exactly Does

The Online School Do?

Free, Great Quality, Live Schooling For Every Child

The core premise of our service is to be able to provide free education to children all around the world in an attempt to develop young people to become resourceful and valuable to their communities. This in turn should help them to achieve stronger career prospects. 

These free sessions are done in groups of various class sizes but are are suitable for ages 5 – 18 years old. 

The main intention is to ensure that our young people can become proficient in English, Maths and Sciences.

Check Out The Clips Below To See What We Are All About

Testimonials From Students Who Learn @ The Online School

An Update From Our Students In Zambia, Lead By Mr Abraham Zulu

A Snippet From One Of Our Live Key Stage 1 Classes (Suitable For Ages 5-7)

Meet One Of Our Amazing English Teachers

Here's all you need to know!

Information for students

Free Education For All

During this time of global crisis, we want to ensure that young people are supported and are kept engaged whilst schools may be closed.

Education is important, in fact it’s critical so that every child should be literate. Because what if the cure for cancer was trapped in the mind of someone who can’t afford an education?

Amazing Teachers

Our day job means that we work with qualified teachers around the world and place them into schools. We are able to provide these same teachers to teach your children according to the current curriculum.

Rest assured all of our teachers are fantastic and are working with us in accordance with our safeguarding and compliance policies.

Student Registration

Starting with us is simple:

  • Register today using our speedy sign up form
  • Enrol and Complete the Introduction To The Online Course
  • Start Learning!

If you have any problems you can email classhelp@3-lance.co.uk or speak to us using the webchat.

How To

Access Your Class?

We have added in a video on the right that will help you understand how to access your class, once you have already enrolled for it.

Simply, when the time for your class is approaching, find your class and click “start class”.

Here's all you need to know!

Information for Teachers

School Is Cool

We operate classes currently Monday – Friday (9.30am – 4.00pm) UK BST

We currently have classes at all levels for KS1 – KS4 for Maths, English, Science, Dance and Yoga!

We are working towards extending our operating hours and days!

Safeguarding Is King

The safety of your child is our number one priority!

We have a moderator in each class that is solely dedicated to ensuring a comfortable environment for the student to learn in.

We also ensure all of the relevant documentation with regards to background checks are valid with no reasons for concern.

Are You A Super Teacher?

Can you volunteer one hour a week to help us honour a structured timetable so children (ages 5-18) all around the world can receive free education then register here.

A member of our team will reach out to you to within 2 working days to onboard you.

Answers to some questions

That You May Have

Q: What background do you have to run an online school?

We have a breadth of experience doing recruitment for schools as well as hosting effective outreach sessions with young people so we know exactly what it takes to be a teacher that students are receptive towards.

We have also been offering online lessons for over 5 years through our tuition centres which have given us enough data and room to trial new methods to better understand what actually works. Coupled with the international exposure we have we are able to better understand what approaches work well for children from all walks of life.

How Do You Keep The Online School Free?

Although we are set up as a business a significant portion of our time and efforts go towards funding The Online School. We use resources from our revenue generating ventures such as The Academy and the private 1:1 tuition. 

We have set up our operation in this way to help us secure the longevity and sustainability of always being able to offer free, live, quality schooling for children worldwide.  

Are You Registered With OFSTED?

As yet there is no official accreditation for online schooling but our team are working towards the standard OFSTED accreditation whilst preempting and adapting certain requirements to ensure they are suitable and effective for The Online School.

We have teachers on board who have more than 15 years of experience and have helped multiple schools achieve successful OFSTED ratings. So you are in safe hands!

The origin of

The Online School?

The Online School was founded by 3Lance Education, who, historically provided specialist recruitment services for the education and care industries i.e schools. They also hosted live tuition for both online and in person as well as coordinating outreach with young people to help them create a better future for themselves.

The Online School started as a solution to help students in the UK to continue their education whilst in lockdown (due to COVID-19). But after understanding all students needed was access to an internet connection and laptop then surely we can help to educate a lot more children than those just in the UK?

So we decided to reach out and establish ambassadors around the world who work with us to help us realise the dream of being able to provide free, live, quality education for children globally.